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  • CALL FOR PAPER: International Seminar Mercubuana

CALL FOR PAPER: International Seminar Mercubuana

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Society empowerment is a concept of economic development summarizing social values and illustrating a new paradigm of development as a people-centered, participatory, empowering, and sustainable. Development ideas focusing on society empowerment is important to understand as a transformation process in social relationship, economy, culture, and politic. Structural changes should be a natural process toward improving and increasing social capacity building.

The question is how could the developed dan developing countries move forward collaboratively and appropriately in addressing international development and empowering their societies to achieve the development goals in a harmony ? An international seminar will be held to address those issues and problems and to formulate an integrated approach or strategy to achieve the international development goals.

The objectives of the seminar are as follows:

  1. Strengtening the academic partnership among higher education institutions from Indonesia and other countries especially those are participating in this seminar.
  2. Bridging closer collaboration between educational and non-educational instituions to harmoniuosly together in empowering society to meet the international development.
  3. Formulating and providing an integrated approach or strategy in empowering society to achieve the goals of international development.

Theme of this international seminar is Society Empowerment Through Multidimensional Approach: An Integrated View to International Development.

The papers received are the result of research and deep study towards the following sub-themes:

  • Economic development and strengtening enterpreunership in society empowerment.
  • Psychogical and educational approach to society empowerment.
  • Agriculture revitalization to achieve food soverignity and society empowerment.
  • Society empowerment through technological and communication approach.



Important Dates:

  • Abstract: May 25, 2015
  • Full paper: August 10, 2015
  • Early birds Before: August, 10 2015
  • Last Payment (Non Early birds): September 14, 2015


Website: http://seminar.mercubuana-yogya.ac.id/home.html

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